A recent study conducted in over 800 adults has found that the major culprits in weight change (up or down) are liquid calories. Liquid calories include sodas, sweetened fruit and high calorie drinks.

When adults in this study reduced their sugar sweetened drink intake by one a day,they lost an average of 1 pound at 6 months and 1.5 pounds at 18 months.The results of this study point out the importance of liquid calories contributing to weight gain in many people. Conversely, cutting out liquid calories can make it much easier to lose weight.

You may not realize that fancy coffee drinks can contain as may as 700 calories.Soda has no nutritional value, only calories. Sweetened fruit drinks don’t usually contain much fruit. It is better to eat the actual fruit rather than have sweetened juice.

If you are someone who is hooked on soda or high calorie drinks, you might want to think about switching to the old-fashioned drink……water. It has no calories and is endorsed by your doctor!