For many, the recession is literally a killer. People are having difficulty meeting basic needs such as housing, food and medical care. It is easy to get discouraged and sit in front of the television and eat carbohydrates. Unfortunately, that will compound the problem. I see many patients who are discouraged and become sicker and deteriorate because of poor eating habits, smoking and lack of exercise.

If you are suffering as a result of the above, it is time to take action and become accountable for your own health. It doesn’t cost much in fact it could save you a lot of money. You need to get out and start moving. Avoid the junk food and quit smoking. If you have trouble finding or paying for medical care, you might want to avoid getting sick. The odds of being able to take control of your own health and your destiny increase when you eat a healthy diet, exercise, and adopt healthy behaviors. When you are fit, you are able to think more clearly and you have the energy to look at your options for improving your lot in life.

If the recession is getting you down and your health and wellbeing is suffering, it is time to take your life back. You can do it by taking it one step at a time.