We hear a lot about the dangers of social media. Texting and driving are a deadly mix. The Internet is keeping many people from exercising and engaging in face-to-face social interactions. There is no question that there is a down side to all this new technology. However, there is an up side.

A recent study done in England has found that texting smokers with motivational messages increased their chance of quitting by 10%. Even when they were given non-motivational messages their chance of quitting went up 5%.

Heart failure patients who email their weights and blood pressures for case management have an improved quality of life. Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression may be done via the Internet with good results. There are still many other studies that show that Internet interventions may be helpful to patients with chronic pain, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

When it comes to help on the street, there is an excellent phone application that is free, and offers aid on how to perform CPR as well as handle common emergencies. It is called S.O.S. and is sponsored by the American Red Cross and Sharecare.com. It is available at:


There are many programs available to guide people in healthy eating, weight loss and exercise to avoid the need for CPR and stay fit.

If we can utilize social media for good health and the health of others while avoiding the things that cause it to harm our health we can all benefit and thrive.